Jaklynn Grange Quickly Finds Success After Becoming A Casting Hub Member

 Utah resident Jaklynn Grange is getting her first taste of success in the entertainment industry with the help of the commercial networking service, Casting Hub. Jaklynn is well on her way to a successful career now that she has signed with Urban Model and Talent in Salt Lake City.

Now a 13-year-old actress, Jaklynn knew she wanted to act and model from a younge age. That exact passion and determination was what first inspired to Jaklynn to join Casting Hub two months ago. The Casting Hub talent advisors saw a twinkle in her eyes, an abundance of talent, a clear determination, and a family that was willing to support her dream; they knew she would soon become a success in the entertainment industry.

Jaklynn knows success is all about actively pursuing your dreams and her story is a great example of persistence. Realizing that expanding her abilities would make her more marketable at just 10-years-old, Jaklynn started taking acting and modeling classes and has been working hard to perfect her craft ever since.

Jaklynn will be in great hands with Urban Model and Talent, Utah’s top booking agency. Representing anyone from extreme athletes to hair and makeup artists to actors, Urban Model and Talent has created a name for themselves in the industry with booking agents who have over 50 years of combined experience with modeling and acting.


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