CASTINGHUB’S Gabriela Cintron to Be Featured in Indie Film “Quest For Serendipity”

Gabriela Cintron’s star has been steadily rising in the past couple of months with the help of CASTINGHUB. One month ago, Gabriela was part of the short film “Two Step” and now she will be starring in the feature film “Quest for Serendipity”.


The movie will chronicle the journey of Nuensie Suku. Nuensie Suku, or as some may know her as Nancy Oakley, has since become a well-recognized entrepreneur in Texas. She also strives to give back to the community and help those who have been victims of emotional and physical violence.


“Quest For Serendipity” is a documentary style movie about Nuensie Suki and her life. Suku’s story is a modern day version of the American Dream. The film explores Suku’s early life in poverty stricken Thailand, where she sold water from the local temple and was running from the Thai mob. The film will take the audience through Suku’s heartbreaking and inspiring journey from rags to the  successful business woman in San Antonio, TX that she is today.


Gabriela will play Nuensie Suku as a young girl. Though her scenes will be difficult ones, they are a testament to Gabriela’s talent and professional integrity. This role not only shows only shows off Gabriela’s range and talent, it also serves as a inspiration for young actresses everywhere.  Acting is, at its core, storytelling, and Nuensie Suku’s story is one of hardship and overcoming it.

It was just six months ago that CASTINGHUB first saw the talent and passion Gabriela has. The CASTINGHUB judges who first recognized her star quality are overjoyed to see Gabriela’s talent is being recognized by many more entertainment industry professionals. For more information on Casting Hub discoveries visit:www.castinghubreviews.com


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