After “Breaking Bad”


While “Breaking Bad may have been all about Walter White, it’s safe to say that the breakout actor of this show was Aaron Paul’s character, Jessie Pinkerman. But instead of choosing to take a break after the end of the TV show, Aaron Paul has decided that he wants to keep acting.


We already know that he will be starring in the new movie “Need For Speed” an action movie that centers around revenge,




But we have also found out that he will be playing another serious role in the new movie ‘Fathers and Daughters’ with Russell Crowe and Amanda Seyfried. We know that Seyfried and Paul have great chemistry together, so we’re glad to see that they’re back together for this movie.


Like many other stars that suddenly become in demand, we are glad to see that Paul will not be sitting back, but instead capitalizing on his newfound star power. This moment for Paul is like catching lightning in a bottle, what most actors can only dream of. We’re glad to see that we’ll be seeing more of Paul, and who knows what role he will tackle next.


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