Giving Viewers The Full Experience

With movie budgets getting bigger and bigger, there is less room for failure. So how do advertisers ensure that the buzz around their movie is long lasting? The latest advertising move is putting the world of the movie into the real one. “Catching Fire” did a great job of this with their Capitol Couture website and mixing real world fashion with that of the fictional one.


THe same is happening for the new X-Men movie. We see fake commercials  for non-existent sentinels (that are somehow reminiscent of Transformers robots, but on a smaller scale) and now we have an entire website dedicated to the conspiracy of Magneto being the one who was responsible for JFK’s death. These obviously aren’t real, but it’s very clever form of advertising. For those who do know what this is for: they get previews of what’s to come in the movie. For those who have no clue what’s going on: they will become curious and want to know more and that is how buzz is created.


But can all these integrations from the movie world into our world equal movie success? If the opening weekend numbers for “Catching Fire” are any indication, then we might say yes. Let’s see if the same will happen for “X-Men: Days of Future Past”.


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