Best Disney Music

With the success of Frozen in the box office and it’s music being heralded as one of the best that Disney had done in so long, we thought we’d take a trip down memory lane and count down our favorite Disney songs


10. You’ll Be In My Heart


Anyone who’s watched Tarzan knows this song. It’s the perfect song for Phil Collins fans and the perfect song for anyone that loves a good rock ballad.


9. Just Across the River Bend


It just makes you want to run toward an adventure!


8. I’ll Make A Man Out of You


It’s a great song to get you pumped! (Especially when you’re in the gym!)


7. A Friend Like Me


Who wouldn’t want a genie as a friend? The Aladdin soundtrack is one of the most fun and lighthearted ones to date, especially this one!


6. I Got A Dream


Tangled was a great movie and any time that you get to see a bunch of burly villainous looking guys sing about their dreams, you will want to join.


5. Under the Sea


Everyone knows the words to this song, so sing along with it!


4. Be Our Guest


Be sure you see this video when you’re full! It’s the perfect song to get in a chorus line and dance the night away! We love you Lumiere!


3. The Gospel Truth


Who knew Greek mythology and the Gospel Truth were the perfect mix? We the Muses to play at our party!


2. Part of Your World


It’s a sweeping epic song and a moment in Disney history that we love! Every girl knows the words to this song!


1. The whole soundtrack to The Lion King


We couldn’t choose a favorite, they’re all too good!



Which is your favorite Disney song?


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