Auditioning For A Singing Competition

If you have done this before, you know that waiting is the name of the game when it comes to any kind of audition and a singing competition is no different. There is a whole process that the cameras don’t capture that goes on before you get to see the judges, and not everyone who auditions even gets to make it that far.


The first thing you do is register at a very long line when you first enter the singing area. This is probably where you will make friends and when everyone is still pretty relaxed. Because there have been televised singing competitions for years now, you’ll have beginners as well as seasoned veterans in the mix. Then you will go into the first of multiple waiting areas.


We always recommend that you bring something with you to keep you occupied. Practice the song you’re going to sing, but not too loudly, because there will probably be others doing the same thing. Go through vocal exercises and warm up. Remember that your singing is muscle exercise as well and you need to be warmed up and ready to sound your best.


The next part that tv doesn’t show you is that before you see the star judges, you’ll have to sing to another panel of judges first. They decide if you’re good enough in order to advance to audition in front of the tv judges. You may have to do that a couple of times, and the process basically whittles down your initial competition by a significant amount. Then if you’ve made it that far, then you get to see final judges that determine whether you advance.


“Don’t be nervous and do your best!”  You’ll hear that a lot and it’s great advice!


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